Institute of Textile Technology, Choudwar ( ITT Choudwar)

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  • Institute of Textile Technology, Choudwar came in to existence in the year 1983 offering only Diploma Course in Textile Technology. With the advent of technological development and need of qualitative technical Man-power in Textile and other Industries, the Government of Orissa have pleased to start 3 years Diploma course in ETC & Mechanical Engg. In the year 2007.In 2009 Diploma course in Mechatronics introduced first time in the same institute. All the courses are approved by AICTE,New Delhi.
    Institute of Textile Technology, Choudwar is the only institute unique in it's features providing education in textile technology. The area is now playing major role in the economic development of the country generating millions of job opportunities.Besides that the institutes offers Diploma in Electronics & Telecommunication Engg., Mechanical Engg. and Mechatronics Engg.
    Institute of Textile Technology, Choudwar has Well versed library and Reading Room facilities, The Laboratories of the Institute are well equipped with sophisticated equipment along with CAD/CAM Workstation on Textile Design ,Computer Color Matching on Colouration, Kessoki Evenness Tester, LVI, , Zwick UTM,Analog Electronics,Digital Electronics & Microprocessor,Communication lab ,Electrical lab,Mechnical Workshop,Mechnical lab & Mechatronics lab. 2 

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