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Accent Training

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This programme is aimed at anyone who wants to be able to speak English well with pronunciation which can be easily understood both by the native speakers and non native speakers and also to help the learner to sound not like a native speaker, but at least as close to it as one can. This programme introduces learner to all aspects of pronunciation including individual sounds, syllables, word stress, connected speech, intonation, strong and week forms, clusters and contractions. This training will help one to break down the restrictions and interferences, which our native languages have so strongly built up over the years. We do this by establishing new ways of hearing, new ways of using our speech organs, new speech habits.
Outstanding Features

    * One to one training on speech sounds
    * New ways of using speech organs
    * Phonetics
    * Focus on important basic elements of pronunciation
    * Interactive pronunciation development exercises & activities
    * Video based lessons on the international ways of life and accents
    * Correcting common mistakes of Indian learners
    * Exposure to variety of accents from across the world
    * Special emphasis on American accent
    * Eliminating mother tongue interference



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